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Gun Activists and Gun-Free Zones 17/12/2013

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© Josh Sager – December 2013

After recent mass shootings, anti-gun control advocates have called for the elimination of “gun free zones” and letting more people carry guns in more places. They argue that the path to fewer shootings is through giving more people the ability to shoot back at a shooter and the theory that this will act as a deterrent.


By the logic of the gun activists, shootings in schools can be averted by giving teachers guns and shootings in movie theaters can be averted through letting ticketholders carry their weapons to the show. In fact, some such activists have gone as far as to blame gun-free zones for shootings because they think that shooters are assured not to meet armed resistance.

Put simply, this argument against gun-free zones is both wrong and dangerous for a few reasons:

  • Statistically, mass shooters tend to be disturbed individuals who plan…

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1. Joe Citizen - 21/12/2013

Liberal nonsense.


DVH Advogados - 11/01/2014



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