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Enablers Of The Leftist Destruction Of America: So-Called “Conservatives” 14/03/2014

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And now?


The biggest impediment to America being saved from the freight train of suicidal destruction the Marxist Left have her running on is the leadership in the phony Right.

While treason beyond the wildest imaginations of our Founding Fathers has been and is being conducted, these pied pipers fiddle as America burns.

How can this be?  These are people who claim to love America.

Well, some are unimaginative fools who wouldn’t see such a freight train if it were barreling down onto them.

But most of them are what former NY prosecutor Andrew McCarthy calls “Willfully Blind”.

McCarthy would know, he wrote a book entitled Willful Blindness in which he meticulously detailed how the FBI used Egyptian Intelligence operative Emad Salem to infiltrate the terror cell of Omar Abdel Rahman (a.k.a. “the Blind Sheik”).  Once inside, Salem began feeding information to the FBI about a plot to attack the World Trade…

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